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Peanut & Banana

Foley Bites

Peanut & Banana

  • $899

The Foley Dog Treat Company has dedicated itself to providing dogs and their owners with treats that are not only made from great holistic grain free ingredients, they are also “the only treat my dogs can have”.

What does this mean? Over the years that we have been producing our treats we have had a lot of feedback from loving dog parents and owners who have been searched for:

1) A Canadian made, grain free treat that has nothing to do with anything that is manufactured, produced, made, packaged, or shipped from China. Foley Dog Treats are all made in Nanaimo, BC. We source everything locally, within BC or Canada where possible.

2) A treat that is gluten free. Dogs can get red sore spots, gooie eyes, diarrhea, and a host of other symptoms from treats and food that is processed and preserved with questionable ingredients. At Foley’s we make our treats from simple unprocessed ingredients.

3) Grain Free dog treats made with antibiotic and hormone free meats. Treats that have antioxidant and nutrient dense formulas that also have no preservatives, corn, soy or added salt, sugar or colour.

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