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Raw Whitefish and Salmon

Northwest Naturals

Raw Whitefish and Salmon

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Northwest Naturals Has the Highest Quality Manufacturing and Ingredients

Oregon Tilth/Global Food Safety Initiative Certified

Superior Manufacturing Practices (HACCP – GMP – TQC – SSOP –PREOP- PIP) Always scoring among the highest scores in Annual 3rd Party Food Safety Audits

Our products are HPP’d for safety

Minimal processing to ensure highest nutritional value

Chopped with only one grinding process Chopping cuts the protein cells instead of crushing and overworking the product

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Produces smaller ice crystals to preserve product integrity

Complete & Balanced All dinner varieties include nutritionally beneficial supplements with, proteinated vitamins & minerals added

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables sourced locally, with letter of guarantee from all suppliers

Convenience You never have to handle the product

6lb Nuggets are easy-pour, in a resealable bag, manufactured for quick thaw

1lb Dinner Bars and Bulk Dinner Bars snap quickly into approximate 1/4lb portions for easy serving, also manufactured for quick thaw

Chubs for large dogs and multi-dog families

Raw Bones are portioned cut bones for small, medium and large dogs

Freeze Dried Diets & Treats are perfect for travel, training, treats or topper

Value All products are manufactured and shipped from our facility in Portland, Oregon

Family owned business since 1957

Northwest Naturals is dedicated Independent Retailers only

Long-term commodity relationships means consistency in recipes

Whitefish with Ground Bone, Salmon with Ground Bone, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Ground Flaxseed, Fish Oil*, Salmon Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Blueberry, Cranberry, Inulin, Dried Kelp, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Ginger, Parsley, Garlic, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Mixed Tocopherols (as preservative), Vitamin D Supplement.

*Fish Oil – Is a blend of Wild Caught Alaskan Fish Oils from Salmon, Herring and Pollock.

80% Meat – 18.75% Produce – 1.25% Supplements

Minimum Protein 14%

Minimum Fat 3%

Maximum Fiber 2%

Maximum Moisture 78%

Carbohydrates 5%

Calcium 0.60%

Phosphorous 0.41%

Copper (ppm) 5

Zinc (ppm) 65.9

Cal/Phos 1.4/1

Sodium 0.040%

MEKcal/KG 1088

Kcal/oz(calculated) 31

Proteins are USDA inspected and passed. Produce comes with certificates of guarantee. Recipes are grain and gluten free – Corn, wheat and soy free. We include human grade proteinated vitamins and minerals for better absorption. Complete and balanced diets. Nuggets and Bars are quick thaw and ready to serve.

Each nugget weighs approximately 0.2 oz. Approximately 5 nuggets per ounce.

For exact weight it is suggested you use a scale as the size of the nuggets may vary.

Recommended – split the amount into 2 feedings per day

All amounts listed are guidelines


Dog Weigh Ounces Ounces Ounces
*2% *2.5% – *3% *3.5%
low activity moderate activity weight gain
5 lb 1.6 oz 2 oz – 2.4 oz 2.8 oz
10 lb 3.2 oz 4 oz – 4.8 oz 5.6 oz
25 lb 8 oz 10 oz – 12 oz 14 oz
50 lb 16 oz 20 oz – 24 oz 28 oz
75 lb 24 oz 30 oz – 36 oz 42 oz

Puppy & lactating females

Dog Weigh Ounces Ounces Ounces
*4.5 – 6% *4% *4.5 – *8%
Puppy 3 - 12 wks Junior 3 - 12 months Lactating Female
5 lb 3.6 oz – 4.8 oz 3.2 oz 3.6 oz – 6.4 oz
10 lb 7.2 oz – 9.6 oz 6.4 oz 7.2 oz – 12.8 oz
25 lb 18 oz – 24 0z 16 oz 18 oz – 32 oz
50 lb 36 oz – 48 oz 32 oz 36 oz – 64 oz
75 lb 54 oz – 72 oz 48 oz 54 oz – 96 oz

For exact weight it is suggested you use a scale. The size and density of the nuggets will vary per recipe.

*Calculations are based on percentage of body weight, age and activity level.

The above Feeding Guidelines are approximate as every pet has different metabolic requirements.

To Feed: Simply thaw your pet’s meal portion at room temperature for 10 – 20 minutes or in your refrigerator overnight in a covered container. Keep unused portion frozen.

Transition Feeding: When transitioning your dog to a raw diet, start by replacing 1/4 of your dogs current diet with raw. Gradually increase the portion of raw and reduce the prior diet over the next 7 days until transition is complete.

Supplemental Feeding: Northwest Naturals can also be used in addition to your pets current diet as it provides bio-available nutrients foroptimal health. Use Northwest Naturals as a meal topper or substitute for one meal a day.

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