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Pets 4 Life


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PETS 4 LIFE Lamb Formula dog food is made with the finest Lamb you can buy.

We start with top quality, fresh, Ontario grown and raised hormone free Lamb – the absolute best quality lamb you can buy for you and your family, from the same supplier gourmet restaurants use! Then we add fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and all natural, organic supplements, sea vegetables and herbs. It all adds up to most complete and balanced raw diet you can buy for your dog.

Lamb muscle meat (including lamb heart), ground lamb bone, secreting organ (lamb liver), sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, apple, ground organic flax seeds, egg yolks and white, raw unpasteurized organic honey, unfiltered unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, organic alfalfa pellets, powdered organic kelp, garlic.

Crude Protein/Proteines Brutes (Min): 9%

Crude Fat/Matieres Grasses Brutes (Min): 19%

Crude Fibre/Fibres Brutes (Max): 1%

Moisture/Humidite (Max): 65%

Calories per ounce: 60

Other Info

50% Muscle meat

30% Vegetable & other

15% Bone

5% Secreting Organ

Calculate your pet's suggested daily feeding portion by multiplying their weight by their recommended feeding percentage as shown on this chart:

Patties size: 1/2 lb

Feeding percentages

2.0 % For weight loss or very sedentary pets

2.5 % Maintain Weight

3.0 % For slight weight gain -or- higher energy pets

3.5 % For significant weight gain -or- very high energy or working pets

4.0 % Growing Puppies/Kittens

4.5 - 6 % For pregnant bitches or queens or for weaning puppies/kittens

6 - 10% For lactating/nursing bitches or queens (rule of thumb: feed them as much as they can/will eat)


For very active dogs, you should increase this feeding amount to 3% of their body weight per day. For very sedentary dogs prone to weight gain, you can drop the amount down to 1.5% of their body weight per day.


Pets 4 Life Home Raw Pet Cuisine is certified complete and balanced for all life stages by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

Kittens, Puppies, pregnant bitches/queens or lactating bitches or queens may require up to 10% of their body weight per day. Care should be taken with puppies to ensure that they remain lean, and this is particularly important in large or giant breed puppies. It should be easy to feel your puppy’s ribs – if it isn’t, he might be too chubby.


Pets 4 Life Home Raw Pet Cuisine is certified complete and balanced for all life stages by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and AAFCO.

Kittens, puppies and ferret kits can all be weaned directly on to Pets 4 Life Home Made Pet Cuisine.

Wean young animals at the age you are most comfortable doing so, and offer Home Made Pet Cuisine mixed with gently warmed whole Goat's Milk to the consistency of a thin slurry. Offer slurry to weaning young in a shallow dish, remove when young have finished eating their fill. Repeat three to five times per day.

Over the course of a week to ten days, reduce the amount of goat's milk and increase the amount of Home Made Raw Pet Cuisine until weanlings are eating entirely raw food. Feed based on your breed's recommendation, three to five times per day.

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