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Simple Solution

Washable Female Diaper

  • $2599

Control the mess of incontinent pets, heat cycles, and housebreaking. Simple Solution Washable Female Dog Diapers are comfy and secure, with soft-stretch fabric and long-lasting leak protection. A microfiber pad absorbs the mess, while a wicking layer keeps your pet dry. The plastic liner keeps your home clean. Use alone for light seasonal flow and urination issues, or with a disposable Simple Solutions Diaper Liner for extra absorption. For male dogs, use Simple Solution Washable Male Wraps.

Directions for use

BEFORE USE: Try on for size. Wash diaper for optimum performance. The more you wash it, the softer and more absorbent it becomes. Simple Solution Diapers are easy to wash and dry! Attach the adjustable strips to prevent snagging, wash the diaper separately in warm water on the gentle cycle and line dry.


DIRECTIONS: Slip your pet’s tail through the hole and position the diaper between her back legs so that it is snug against her underbelly. Adjust the diaper wings up towards her back and position for a secure fit. For male dogs, use the next larger size or try Simple Solution Washable Male Wraps. For unusually large problems or extended use, add a Simple Solution Disposable Liner to increase absorbency. Sometimes accidents happen. To completely remove stains and odors, you’ll need a cleaner with both Pro-Bacteria and enzymes. Simple Solution Stain + Odor Remover gets the job done.




Weight: 4 - 8 / Waist measurements: 9" to 14"


Weight: 8-15 lbs / Waist measurements: 12" to 19"


Weight: 15 - 35 lbs / Waist measurements: 15" to 23"


Weight: 35 - 55 lbs / Waist measurements: 18" to 27"


Weight: 55 - 90 lbs / Waist measurements: 22" to 35"

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