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Black Exercise Pen


Black Exercise Pen

  • $16099

Whether you use them indoors or out, you can be sure our LifeStages® Split-Door Exercise Pens will keep your pet safe during playtime. You’ll also like the convenience and versatility of its step-through Split Door and the security provided by our patented MAXLock® Door System. The latter enhances security by providing multiple lock points on the door. The door handle allows you to operate the door conveniently in one easy motion without kneeling or bending. Simply lift the handle to unlock the door and swing it open. As you close the door, just lift it, position it against the pen, and lower it into the eyelet latches. You separate the door by disengaging the U-stop and lock wire. Lift and lower the bottom door into the eyelets to close. The top door can be closed independently also. What’s really neat is that our Split Door gives you easy access to your pet while at the same time keeping him contained. Another neat feature is that LifeStages Exercise Pens can be set up for use and folded down for travel or storage in just seconds.

  • Provide an enclosed area of 16 square feet
  • Split Door provides you with easy step-through access to your pets while it keeps them contained
  • Pens feature our secure, patented MAXLock® Door System
  • Black Electro-Coat finish
  • Perfect for use with a variety of pets
  • Easy to set up -- no tools required
  • Ground anchors included

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