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Tarsal Med/Lg

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Our patent pending Pet Therapy line is customized and patented for canine anatomy. We’ve modified the gel formula in our pet line for prolonged effectiveness. All Caldera reusable Pet Therapy Gel is Made in the USA and can be applied either hot or cold. Pet Therapy Gel is latex free, non-toxic, non-hazardous, microwave and freezer safe and remains pliable when frozen. Heating and freezing instructions are on each gel pack. Great for an aging dog, or a dog recovering from surgery in need of rehab.

The Pet Therapy Wrap is designed for right and left legs. 



One Medium Tarsal Therapy Wrap, one Medium Back Boomerang strap, one Medium Anchor strap, and one Medium Universal Pet Therapy Gel pack.


One Large Tarsal Wrap, one Large Back Boomerang strap, one Large Anchor strap, and one Large Carpal/Tarsal & Elbow Pet Therapy Gel pack.

1. Attach the front two short Boomerang Velcro® straps around dog collar.


2. Connect together back Boomerang and Anchor strap quick release buckles. Fasten Anchor around the opposite leg being treated.


3. For treated leg, attach Boomerang strap quick release buckle into Pet Therapy Wrap outside buckle. Fasten the Pet Therapy Wrap around the tarsal joint. Adjust and pull all straps for secure fit.

Note: Adjust wrap for skintight fit on treated leg to help ensure benefits of hot/cold therapy.

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