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Lawn Stain Protection

Dog Rocks

Lawn Stain Protection

  • $2499

Some of you may have noticed products in some Pet Stores which look similar to Dog Rocks®. It has come to our attention that these Pet Stores are representing their product as being the same as “Dog Rocks®” and that they are making claims in relation to their product which do not apply to Dog Rocks®.
Original Dog Rocks® only comes in the recycled brown packaging with the green and white label and carries the registered trade mark “Dog Rocks®“. Any other product on the market is not the original so please beware.
Original Dog Rocks do not alter the pH balance of your dog’s urine. Dog Rocks® are a completely natural product sourced from a reputable quarry in Australia. Any “fakes” do not come from the same quarry as we have an exclusive arrangement with our supplier. We have had tests conducted on the “fakes” and they do not have the same properties as Dog Rocks®.

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