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Tall Tails

Mat & Mitten Charcoal

  • $3999

Prevent dirty paws and messy mutts from tracking mud all over the house with the Wet Paws Absorbent Dog Mat. This handy mat features a non-slip backing and super absorbent top that ensures your pup stays secure while leaving their mess behind. Line your back door, front door, crate, car, or anywhere your messy furry friend might be. Shake the mat outside or throw it into the washing and drying machines for easy clean-up!

  • Super absorbent material leaves the mess outside, preventing wet and muddy paws from tracking through the house
  • Features a non-slip backing to keep your dog comfortable and secure
  • Great for anywhere you have a wet or dirty pup, whether at home, in the car, or in the bath
  • Machine wash and dry for an easy cleanup

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