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Ranch-raised Beef Dog


Ranch-raised Beef Dog

  • $1599


Born and bred on farms and ranches, our beef is natural, nutritious, and full of flavour. Delivered raw to our kitchen and gently freeze-dried, the delicious flavour and rich nutrients are locked in, creating a tasty treat your dog will love.

Made with 100% quality animal ingredients with only natural preservatives.

Nourishing ratios of whole, quality animal ingredients from meat and cartilage or bone provide a natural source of nutrients, with the delicious palatability and nutrition of organs for added flavour your dog will love.

ently freeze-dried in our own kitchen, without synthetic preservatives, to lock in natural, delicious goodness for a pure and tasty treat.

Raw beef (47.5%), raw beef liver (32.5%), raw beef tripe (19.9%). ADDITIVES (per kg): Technological additives: tocopherol rich extract of natural origin.

Crude Protein (min): 40%

Crude Fat (min): 40%

Crude Fiber(max): 1%

Crude ash 9%

Moisture (max): 2%

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